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Baby shower: gift ideas for mothers-to-be

Baby shower gift ideas make the mum-to-be happy and show your pregnant sister, friend or daughter: I will be there for you on your new journey. Your presence at the baby shower, along with the gift ideas, is proof of your love for the expecting mother and an expression of your anticipation of the new life. The tradition of the baby shower stems from the USA. Before the birth, there are celebrations held in honour of mother and child, to which relatives, friends and loved ones are invited to spend a pleasant few hours together with the pregnant woman. For this purpose, you bring small gifts and treats with which you can make the time of joyful expectation and the new phase of life with the baby that extra bit more beautiful. Have you been invited to a baby shower and are looking for gift ideas? You’ll find them here!

Baby shower: our gift ideas

Baby shower gift ideas can be of a very different nature: classic, practical or original, for the time before or after the delivery, for the mum-to-be or the baby itself. Our advice is to always make an individual choice and consider the very unique needs of the pregnant woman in your life. After all, whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding or a baby shower: gift ideas that come from the heart are always the best!

A wonderful baby shower gift idea is a homemade feel-good kit for the mother-to-be. Both pregnancy and everyday life with newborns can be filled with challenges, which the mum can face with the help of your wellness kit for her. Fill a box with breastfeeding tea, body oils or bath salts, for example. With this baby shower gift idea, you can also remind the new mother to take time for herself, even during stressful times: after all, we can all take care of others best when we are feeling well ourselves.

Alternatively, you can contribute to the baby shower with your gift idea of a hospital bag for the expectant mum. You might even consider an organiser bag that holds all the important documents: from the identification card to the maternity log to the insurance card.

At baby showers, useful gift ideas for the offspring always go down wonderfully well. Teats, baby bottles, baby bedding or a newborn set of baby clothes are just a few ways to score points at the baby shower with this gift idea. Classics among the baby shower gift ideas are cuddle cloths or soft toys. A good breastfeeding pillow will be especially appreciated by the new mother.

A great help for the new parents – and thus a great baby shower gift idea – are vouchers for the time after delivery: especially in the postpartum period, active support such as doing the shopping or taking care of the laundry is worth its weight in gold, so that the new mum can concentrate fully on herself and her baby. In the course of time, you can also take over babysitting while the mother pays a visit to her favourite café, enjoys a wellness treatment or relaxes in meditation.

Baby shower, birthday or wedding: gift ideas by Pick Your Angel

You can also find inspiration for baby shower gift ideas in our angel caller online shop. Engelsrufer jewelry, such as angel callers with harmony balls, are the perfect gift idea for a baby shower, because they are a present for both mum and baby. This goes back to the story of the mama chain: according to legend, this special form of angel chain has served pregnant women all over the world as a protective amulet for themselves and the child in their womb – and has done so for thousands of years. In addition, the lucky charm necklace serves as the first means of communication between the mum-to-be and her baby: the harmony ball inside the lucky charm necklace pendant emits a gentle melody whenever it moves. The foetus can already perceive this sound in the womb. For this reason, the chain is traditionally hung over the baby’s cot after birth so that the newborn is soothed by its tone.