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About Us

Find out the latest about us, our products and your interests on our blog.

Pick Your Angel - Blog

About Us

Find out the latest about us, our products and your interests on our blog.

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Pick Your Angel Blog

Founded in 2012

In the Pick Your Angel blog you will discover the magical world of angels once again with completely new eyes. Here we inform you regularly about news and trends from our angel caller online store. In addition, the Pick Your Angel blog will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about our Engelsrufer jewelry: What is it about angel caller necklaces and how are angel caller mama chains different from this type of lucky charm necklaces? What are the legends behind the two necklaces with a singing ball? And by what standards do you choose the perfect lucky charm necklace pendant for you, your sister, best friend or mother?

In addition to beautiful necklaces, the Pick Your Angel blog brings you the Spirit of Ibiza – and with it a touch of this incomparable natural beauty in the Mediterranean Sea into your home. Let yourself be inspired by the irrepressible energy of this untamed Balearic island, carry the joie de vivre it spreads into your everyday life and infect all your favorite people with your enthusiasm. Our Pick Your Angel blog will make you feel a whole new way of life.

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Pick Your Angel blog
for gift ideas

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The Pick Your Angel blog is the perfect place to collect beautiful gift ideas for your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for a baby shower, wedding, birthday, or any other significant milestone in a loved one’s life, you’ll find the right gift for every occasion on our gift blog.

The Pick Your Angel blog also takes an in-depth look at the customs of good luck charms and the belief in guardian angels. How do you get in touch with your personal angel and how can you feel the presence of your guardian angel? Learn, for example, various meditation techniques with which you can strengthen the connection to your angels and how you can always draw new strength with the help of the angels to achieve all your goals.

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Pick Your Angel blog
for moms-to-be

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Our Pick Your Angel blog is also a digital space for mothers-to-be who are waiting full of anticipation for the arrival of their baby and want to build an intimate relationship with their unborn child during pregnancy. We tell you how your guardian angel accompanies you through your pregnancy and how you can make it even more beautiful with mindfulness exercises like yoga and meditation. Also, in our pregnancy blog, you’ll learn how to prepare for birth and where the connection between babies and music lies. In the Pick Your Angel Baby blog, you’ll also get useful ideas for decorating the baby’s room and how to celebrate the perfect baby shower with all your loved ones in advance.