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Brow chakra – the key to your intuition

The brow chakra, like the crown chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra, is one of the seven main chakras: the invisible energy centres in your body. As its name suggests, it is located at the level of your forehead, between the eyebrows, directly above the root of your nose. Because of this position, the brow chakra is also called the “third eye”, with which you can see what remains hidden from your actual eyes.

Brow chakra: meaning for your intuition

The brow chakra is therefore of great meaning for your intuition. You owe sudden epiphanies and flashes of inspiration to the work of your brow chakra. It is considered the most energy-sensitive of the chakras and a safe mediator for direct contact with the mythical life force. Thus, the brow chakra has a special meaning when meditating: sit down in a quiet place, make sure your spine is upright, close your eyes, breathe deeply in and out – and direct your focus entirely on your brow chakra. What wondrous meaning of your life does it reveal to you?

A breathing technique that can strengthen the brow chakra in its meaning for your intuition is the lion’s breath. For this technique, either sit on the floor or kneel in a table top position on a soft surface. Breathe in and out loosely a few times to focus in on the moment. Then inhale deeply and close your eyes. Pause for a moment before exhaling and feel the life force energy of your breath within you. Then exhale sharply through the mouth, sticking out your tongue. While doing this, open your eyes and focus on the point between your eyebrows, your brow chakra. This breathing exercise can also have a strengthening effect on your throat chakra.

A strong, activated brow chakra has meaning for many areas of life: it represents communication with your own consciousness, for directing your gaze inwards, and in this way recognising connections that remain hidden from your naked eyes out in the world. Your brow chakra strengthens your intuition and helps you to gradually take more intuitive decisions where you once wavered between the individual options available to you.

A strong brow chakra for the challenges of everyday life

Your brow chakra supports you in all challenges that cross your path. You learn to face possible hurdles that you encounter in your everyday life with a balanced mental state – and even master them! In this respect, the brow chakra and its meaning are strongly reminiscent of angel chains or mama chains from our Angel Caller online shop, which accompany you in your day to day life, make your everyday tasks easier, and special occasions even more joyful. No matter whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, pregnancy, baby shower, or childbirth: with a lucky charm necklace consisting of necklace, harmony ball, and lucky charm necklace pendant, you are well prepared for every situation.