PYA – Pick Your Angel

Chain with guardian angel

We can all benefit from a chain with a guardian angel: it reminds you of your personal angel and companion who is always with you to watch over you, supports you in difficult hours and makes good times even more wonderful. With a chain, you carry your guardian angel with you at all times. Simultaneously, it is a beautiful piece of jewelry with which you can express your faith in the good and set fashionable statements.

Be it because of religious background or personal belief: faith in guardian angels is widespread in most cultures. They play a role in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and were even known and worshipped in ancient times. A survey by the polling institute Forsa showed that around two thirds of the German population believe in guardian angels. Regardless of whether they are in the form of a figurine, a key ring or a pendant on a chain, guardian angels are a way for many people to make contact with the cosmic from their earthly point of view. No wonder, therefore, that guardian angels are an integral part of everyday culture.

Chain: Your guardian angel is always with you

Chains with guardian angels are based on the idea that heavenly helpers are sent to earth to attend to the protection of a place or a person. In many cases, it is its task to accompany the person assigned to it on their path through life, to protect them from danger and to assist them in decision-making. A chain with a guardian angel makes this security literally tangible and vivid, wherefrom we can draw strength and peace.

Engelsrufer jewelry is designed to strengthen the connection to your guardian angel through the necklace and to open your heart to spiritual energy. The chain communicates with your guardian angel in the form of intuitive inspirations and flashes of inspiration when you are uncertain, because it knows when you need its help the most. To do this, simply shake gently on the lucky charm pendant of your harmony ball chain. Its harmonious tone alone can work wonders. It doesn’t matter in which situation you need support: whether in an exam, on the way to work or on a very special day – the chain with guardian angel is always close to you.

In which areas do you wish for the presence of a spiritual power? Become clear about your needs and select your individual lucky charm necklace accordingly. The amulets Whisper of Heart and Heart Soldier are at your side in matters of love, while Source of Peace brings you inner peace. The classic Angel Caller bundles all the good qualities of your angel in its heart-shaped pendant and the ball in its centre. The harmony ball is available in our Engelsrufer online shop in six different shades, each of which brings its own unique energy with it. Grey stands for stability, black for independence, silver for enlightenment, rosé for creativity, red for passion and turquoise for harmony. What do you need a little more of in your everyday life? Finally, you only need to decide on the length of the chain for your guardian angel. Aligning it to your chakras, the energy centres of the body along the spine, can help you with this. A chain of 45 centimetres lies above your throat chakra, which stands for open communication. With a length of 60 centimetres, both chain and guardian angel are above your heart chakra, which strengthens love for you and your surroundings. An 80-centimetre-long chain opens your solar plexus and thus your creative power.

Chain: Guardian angel for you

Chains with guardian angels are the ideal gift idea for loved ones, for pregnant women or for baby showers. They show both that you are mindful of the receiver’s well-being and that a personal angel is watching over this person. Especially in connection with special events such as a childbirth, a move or other significant experiences on the personal journey, this is a valuable memorial and pillar of mutual relationships.