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Design a baby’s room: this is how to make it beautiful

Designing a baby’s room is probably one of the most beautiful tasks that expectant mothers face before the birth of their child. While you wait half impatiently and half excitedly for the arrival of your offspring, you can pass the time by building the nest and designing the baby‘s room. Our ideas provide you with valuable inspiration. In the Pick Your Angel blog, we give you useful tips on how to make your baby’s room inviting, cosy and, above all, safe – so that both mother and child feel at home in their new little world.

Design the baby’s room with our ideas

Designing a baby’s room is quite easy with our ideas: we show you which furniture is essential for the design of the baby’s room, what you can do without and which colours bring harmony into the room.

Basically, the demands on the baby room in terms of furniture are low, especially in the first months. However, we advise you to think about the future right from the start and, for example, to plan enough space for a corner where the baby can play and crawl when you design the baby’s room. In the beginning, a cot, a changing unit and storage facilities for nappies, clothes, and care are particularly important. A baby cot in the form of a cradle is particularly practical because you can move it around during the day as you wish, remaining flexible and at the same time always having your baby with you. In a classic baby cot, the baby can still sleep comfortably even as a toddler.

Just as vital as the sleeping space for your child is the changing unit. There are a few factors to consider so that you can enjoy this piece of furniture in your baby’s room. The changing unit ought to offer enough space so that you can still change your child’s diaper on it when it is a toddler. Also make sure it is at a comfortable height so that you don’t have to bend down when changing your baby, thus protecting your back. Ideally, the changing table also offers storage space for nappies, baby clothes and baby care – so you can do without a cupboard for the time being. Equip your changing unit with a padded changing mat that is soft and washable so that your baby feels completely comfortable on it.

At least in the first years of your child’s life, the baby’s room is mainly a place where the parents spend a lot of time. Consider a comfortable armchair, a rocking chair or a couch, which you complete with soft cushions and cosy blankets. This way, you are comfortable with your baby while feeding and you can gently rock it to sleep. As your baby grows older, you can turn this area into a reading corner for tranquil story times.

Besides the furniture, decorative elements also play an important role when you design your baby’s room. Beautiful curtains, interesting pictures and playful lamps create a cosy atmosphere so that both you and your baby enjoy spending time in this space. Lay a fluffy rug on the floor so that your child can take its first crawling or walking attempts and spread out to play. Above the changing unit, colourful mobiles that your baby can admire provide entertainment – and you can change him or her in peace. The design of the baby’s room is largely determined by the choice of colours for the walls and decoration. In essence, we recommend soft, light and friendly colours when designing the baby’s room. One idea is to base your choice on your own favourite colours or on the colour theory, which is also the foundation of our lucky charm necklace pendants. How about a fresh, clear turquoise, for example, which is said to have a balancing and relaxing effect? Or a rosy coral that can inspire imagination and creativity? Perhaps you already have an angel caller in one of these colours and would like to strengthen your relationship with your and your baby’s guardian angel through the design of your baby’s room.

Designing the baby’s room with Pick Your Angel

For the design of the baby’s room, you will find that special touch in our Engelsrufer online shop that will turn the room into something very personal and unique – individually designed Engelsrufer jewelry. In the form of a mama chain, it accompanies you through your pregnancy and can strengthen the bond between you and your baby from the very first moment. The mama chain is a special type of angel chain that was already worn by pregnant women in ancient times – as a protective amulet for both themselves and their unborn child. In addition, the baby can already feel the vibrations of the harmony ball necklace in the womb, which is why the angelic ringing can still be perceived as soothing even after birth. For this reason, the lucky charm necklace is traditionally hung above the baby’s cot as soon as the child has seen the light of day. There it lulls your baby to sleep with its gentle sounds and reminds you of the wonderful time of your pregnancy whenever you hear and see it. It is also an enchanting eye-catcher that no design of the baby’s room is complete without.

Our final tip when it comes to designing the baby’s room: Don’t purchase all the items yourself because your family and loved ones will also appreciate gift ideas for the baby shower and birth of a new life.