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Finding inner balance

Finding inner balance – between hectic and routine this is a task that occupies many of us and confronts us with a tough challenge. Finding inner balance promises peace, clarity, serenity, contentment, and many other states of being that we long for, especially nowadays. Particularly because inner balance seems to be directly related to physical well-being and mental health. But how do I go about finding my inner balance? We’ll tell you our tips to help you finding your inner balance even in stressful times besides your job, household, and parenting.

Finding inner balance in three steps

Finding your inner balance: there is no magic formula for this. After all, your inner balance is made up of the harmony of various physical, mental, and emotional factors. These three elements are therefore to be considered if you want to find your inner balance. Accordingly, our guide for finding inner balance aims at the connection of body, mind, and soul.

You can balance your body primarily with exercise, nutrition, and rest. Tiredness, fatigue, and tension are sure signs that it is time to do so. Sports such as yoga or pilates are a good way to compensate for these symptoms. Dancing is an excellent way to strengthen your physical sense as well. Do you like exercise in green nature? Go for a nice walk in the woods or a stroll around the park. In addition to physical activity, nutrition plays an important role in physical well-being – it says not without reason that “you are what you eat.” In this context, we recommend that you eat wholesome and plant-based foods that are as unprocessed as possible. Regional vegetables and seasonal fruit are good examples of this. In addition, take time to prepare your food and enjoy it afterwards. Just as important as exercise and nutrition is rest for your body. Make sure you get enough sleep every night and take regular breaks during the day when you are exhausted. Massages, baths, or an hour of doing nothing on the couch are excellent ways to do this.

You can find inner balance for your mind in intellectual stimulation: read a book, watch a documentary on an interesting topic you want to educate yourself on, visit an exhibition in a museum, or take on a new hobby. Engaging in conversations with loved ones can also contribute to your mental well-being. In addition to the external world, also deal with your own mind by reflecting on yourself: what are the primary topics of your thoughts, what feelings do they evoke in you and what behavioural patterns do you develop as a result?

Now we come to the third and last step on the way to finding your inner balance: creating a mental balance. Meditation is a good way to do this. Concentrating on your breath, on a mantra, on affirmations, or visualisation is meant to bring you very close to your soul and to completely tune out external influences for a while.

Finding inner balance: this is how angel callers help you

Finding your inner balance – and staying in this state or at least always returning to it is an ongoing process. Angel Caller jewelry from our Engelsrufer online shop can be your reminder that brings you back to yourself when you have lost touch with your balance. The harmony ball of your necklace, which is in the centre of your lucky charm necklace pendant, is a symbol of your inner balance: to find it, it can sometimes help you to shake your lucky charm necklace and bring yourself back to the moment with the gentle melody.