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Gift for pregnant women: the personal guardian angel

Gifts for pregnant women are meant to suit the mother-to-be and enhance the exciting time of joyful expectation just a little bit more. But which gift is the right one for your expecting sister, girlfriend or daughter? The right gift for pregnant women increases the joyful anticipation of the baby, helps the mum-to-be to face the new challenges and supports her in the preparations for the birth. A personal guardian angel can do all this – which is why it is also the ideal gift for pregnant women! It takes care of her potential worries and fears, provides assistance, and is always with her when she needs it.

Gifts with special value for pregnant women

Gifts for pregnant women show your neighbour, partner or colleague that you are there for her and her child, as well as that you are looking forward to the new life along with her. This is exactly what the expecting mother’s personal guardian angel does: like an invisible companion, it is by her side from the moment of conception until birth, protecting her from harm so that she can fully devote herself to her anticipation of the unborn child. Gifts for mothers-to-be can thus serve as lucky charms and encourage their confidence in themselves as well as in the power of their female basic instincts.

A cherished gift for pregnant women that embodies all of these factors is the so-called mama necklace. Like many other meaningful pieces of jewelry in our lives – the baptism ring or the wedding ring, to name just two examples – it marks the beginning of a new chapter in our journey and preserves all the memories and moments associated with it for eternity. The mama chain is a special form of the angel chain that has been worn by pregnant women as a protective amulet since ancient times in many different parts of the world. In addition to this primary function of ensuring the safety of mother and child, a personal guardian angel in the form of a mama chain can be a means of communication between the two: as the centre of the mama chain, the harmony ball is a metaphor for the baby in the mother’s womb and at the same time one of the first sounds that the child perceives from outside the womb. As a gift for beloved pregnant women, the personal guardian angel thus establishes a close connection between the mother and her baby as well as between the baby and the world.

Experts assume that a foetus can already perceive the gentle sounds of the lucky charm necklace pendant which is traditionally worn on a long chain at the level of the navel starting from the 20th week of pregnancy. In this way, the harmony ball snuggles up close to the expecting mother’s belly and the baby can still remember the melody of the guardian angel even after it is born. Usually, this gift for pregnant women becomes a gift for the baby after delivery: the new mother can hang it over the baby’s cot and the child can continue to listen to the soothing sound of the harmony ball necklace that has already accompanied its development in the womb.

Gifts for moms-to-be from Pick Your Angel

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