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Guardian angel: Meditation for a strong connection

Contacting your guardian angel with meditation and strengthen your common connection – that’s what we would like to do and share with you today in our Pick Your Angel-Blog. Many people contact their guardian angel using mindful exercises and meditation. The peace and silence in such moments helps you to reflect on your innermost and thus also on your personal angel. Your angel can, for example, communicate with colors, images and thoughts or whole conversations as well as scenarios, if you approach your guardian angel with a meditation.

The guardian angel meditation

The guardian angel meditation is ideally performed in a quiet and peaceful environment. It’s best to find a room where you can be undisturbed for a while and make yourself comfortable. Perhaps you light a candle and let soft music play in the background to support the pleasant mood. Eventually, lie on your back for the guardian angel meditation. A soft carpet or yoga mat is ideal for this. If you like it extra warm, you can cover yourself with a cozy blanket. A pillow for your head provides additional comfort – and you can always use some comfort for your guardian angel meditation.

Now close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathe in and out deeply. As you breathe in, imagine love, light, peace, and positive energy flowing into your body and making you feel light. As you exhale, all tension, stress, and heaviness leave your body – making room for even more love and light on your next inhalation. Now direct your attention to your body: start at the tips of your toes and from there scan your entire body, through your legs, torso and arms to your head, neck and face. Are there any areas where you feel physical tension? Release this tension by breathing deeply into the affected area and releasing it on the exhale. Let yourself sink deeply and feel all the tension fall away from you.

Now feel into your heart chakra and perceive the bright green light that it emits, enveloping you and your surroundings in love, light, peace, tranquillity and deep trust. Your heart shows you the way to your guardian angel through meditation. To your angel, an open and activated chakra in turn signals your willingness to connect with him and strengthen your bond. Along with the positive energy that your heart chakra exudes, send the following words to your angel: “Dear guardian angel, thank you for being there for me. I know you are by my side right now. Please come closer, lay with me and show yourself.” Keep breathing in and out. This is how you stay completely in the moment. Do you notice any changes? Do you feel a tingling on your skin? A breeze on your face? Can you feel a presence in the room taking a seat next to you? Or are you simply filled with unconditional love and a deep trust? Let go of all your expectations you had of your guardian angel before this meditation and be open to whatever happens. In doing so, you can be sure that everything is good and right as it is. When you feel your angel, you can intensify your connection by communicating with him. Ask him for a sign, for example one of the sensory perceptions descripted. Ask him questions, ask him for his name or simply enjoy his presence. Maybe you receive thoughts from your guardian angel during meditation, maybe he hugs you or holds you. Whatever it is, your guardian angel knows exactly what you need right now.

Say goodbye to you angel when you are ready to return to your body and give thanks for the time spend together. Take a few deep breaths, circle your wrists, ankles and shake out your legs before you open your eyes again and enjoy your day from now on with a strengthened connection to your guardian angel.

Intensify guardian angel meditation with your jewelry

Repeat the guardian angel meditation as often as you feel like it. With PYA-angel caller jewelry from our PYA angel caller online shop you can intensify it. Put on a classic Angel Caller, which you wear on a lucky charm necklace at the level of your heart and concentrate on the place where it rests on your skin. Alternatively, let a harmony ball chain inspire you to do some kind of sound ball meditation. Hold the lucky charm chain in your hand, shake it, and summon your angel. Do you feel how the atmosphere changes through harmonious melody?