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Heart chakra strengthening

Heart chakra strengthening: This means activating the center of energy in the middle of your chest, which is also the center of the chakra system and thus the link between the spiritual and the mundane world. In your body, the heart chakra represents the center of your love for yourself and others and enables you to give and receive love. The heart chakra is considered to be the seat of emotion, compassion, love as well as companionship and establishes your ability to have healthy relationships. A balanced heart chakra therefore manifests in self-love, compassion, devotion, kindness, and joy. Traumatic experiences, breaches of trust, disappointment, and grief can unbalance the heart chakra. But there are some ways for a heart chakra strengthening after such negative experiences. You can strengthen your heart chakra with heart chakra meditation or yoga and awareness exercises – and thus restore your inner balance.

Heart chakra strengthening with yoga and more

A heart chakra meditation is a wonderful way for your heart chakra strengthening. Find a quiet and comfortable place to do it. Sit crossed-legged upright and place your hands on your thighs with palms facing up. Your open posture signals the universe that you are ready to let love into your life for meditative heart chakra strengthening. Close your eyes and picture a soft green light – the color traditionally associated with the heart chakra – emanating from your chest and surrounding you like a bubble. Now focus on your breath. It is closely connected to your feelings and therefore your anchor on the path to heart chakra strengthening. Breathe deeply into your heart chakra and out again. As you inhale, imagine love flowing into your heart chakra and finally out again as you exhale. You may find it helpful to place both hands on your chest right over your heart. You can complement your heart chakra meditation with mantras and affirmations. First try the mantra “Yam”, which serves for hearth chakra activation and strengthening. Speak, chant, whisper, or think the sound in rhythm with your breath. Affirmations you can use for heart chakra strengthening during heart chakra meditations are “I am loved.”, “I allow love in my life.” or “I love my fellow people and myself.”

Besides the heart chakra meditation, yoga is an excellent way to heart chakra strengthening. In this context, we recommend Anahata Asana, the heart position. This exercise is designed to widen and open your chest, thus stimulating the heart chakra. In this way, Anahata Asana brings you into contact with the feelings that lie deep within you. Start the exercise in quadrupedal position, stretching forward while inhaling and resting your chest and chin on the floor. While exhaling, push your tailbone up and drop your shoulders low. Your thighs remain straight in the heart position and you head rests gently on the back of your neck facing forward. Advanced practitioners can also perform heart chakra meditation in this posture. However, it is sufficient to inhale and exhale deeply a few times and return to the starting position.

Support the yoga exercises and heart chakra meditations by scenting the room with essential oils, incense blends, or scented candles with rose, jasmine, lavender, or marjoram. Besides that, you can activate your heart chakra with exercises in the green nature or eating green foods. In addition, reading or writing love poems supports your heart chakra strengthening. Physical contact is also a method for your heart chakra strengthening, for example in the form of hugs or massages – after all, the chakra in your chest stands for unconditional love. You can express this by meeting people with a friendly smile or doing volunteer work.

Heart chakra strengthening with angel callers

Heart chakra strengthening also succeeds with beautiful jewelry that you wear at the height of the energy center, for example, angel caller jewelry from our angel caller online shop in the form of a harmony ball chain, whose notes sound in harmony with your heart. In this way, you angel caller reminds you of the power and strength that rests in your chest. Choose a lucky charme pendant in the shape of a heart and a harmony ball in in red, the colour of love – or let your heart make the decision!