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Lucky charm: gift for the ones close to your heart

Lucky charm gifts for your loved ones bring good fortune in two ways: on the one hand, they make both you and the person receiving the gift happy, and on the other hand, lucky charm gifts may actually ensure a good outcome of all kinds of events. According to the definition, luck is considered a random state. However, humankind has always been convinced that it is possible to boost luck – for example with lucky charm gifts.

Lucky charms are faithful companions whose value has been recognised and used for centuries by a wide variety of people and religions. They help us to master the trials and challenges of life and to always look forward to a happy future full of hope and confidence, even in difficult times. Researchers speak of a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you firmly believe in the power of a lucky charm and its positive impact on your destiny, it will do so and you will feel secure.

Gift lucky charms in the form of jewelry, figurines or talismans when your best friend is facing a difficult task, when your sister opens a new chapter in her life or when your colleague embarks on a new job. Whoever or whatever it is: we can all always use luck in the form of small lucky charms and gifts that come from the heart!

Lucky charm: Gifting fortune with jewelry

Lucky charm jewelry is the perfect way for you to give the gift of luck. Lucky charms as jewelry, for example as a pretty harmony ball necklace, express your support and affection for the person you are giving it to. At the same time, the person will be happy about the enchanting angel caller jewelry that will accompany them forever and that will remind them of you always. The lucky charm jewelry shows a loved one that you are there for them. With it you give luck, trust, self-confidence – and heavenly support from the angels. Lucky charm necklaces are especially beautiful when you personalise them individually for your beloved person, so that they reflect their nature and fulfil their wishes. When creating your lucky charm jewelry, consider the occasion for which you would like to give a gift.

As a lucky charm gift for an exam or the first day at a new job, we recommend a necklace with the Source of Peace lucky charm necklace pendant, which you can fill with a grey harmony ball. Grey is the colour of simplicity. It stands for wisdom and is said to give stability and reliability on new paths to any person wearing a necklace with a grey harmony ball.

A new path can be taken quite literally when a person moves to another place in the world. Choose the classic Angel Caller and decide between a rosé or black harmony ball. You know the character and style of the person you want to give a gift to best: if they like modern elegance and strive for independence, the black harmony ball is a suitable choice. The rosé-coloured harmony ball, on the other hand, is the ideal option for people who want to give wings to their fantasy and express themselves creatively.

A wonderful gift for pregnant women are our special mama chains. They are designed to make the exciting time of joyful expectation even more beautiful by strengthening the mother’s bond with the baby from the very first second. This type of lucky charm jewelry has been used in ancient times to help women feel well and protected.

Lucky charm gifts and jewelry

Lucky charm gifts and jewelry from our Engelsrufer online shop offer the right idea for every occasion: from classic birthday gifts to gifts for expecting mothers to gift ideas for baby showers, you’ll find what you’re looking for. In addition to your loved ones’ happiness, think of your own and treat yourself: give yourself a gift of lucky charm jewelry that fully matches your needs. This way, you’ll always have a little piece of great bliss close to you and the enchanting sound of the ball on your chain will remind you of your guardian angel – and that you’re never alone.