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Mindfulness during pregnancy

Mindfulness throughout pregnancy is a dream of many mothers-to-be because for many pregnant women this special time is like a state of emergency that is often associated with a rollercoaster of emotions. The reason for this can be hormonal shifts, but also the new challenges as well as prevalent worries and fears: what is in store for me? What will the birth and the time after delivery be like? How can I prepare myself for the baby? Mindfulness in pregnancy can help you to face these questions with confidence. Mindfulness during pregnancy can also help you to enjoy all the beautiful moments, the tingling excitement and the anticipation of your baby. We therefore give you tips that you can use to go through pregnancy mindfully!

Balancing mindfulness and pregnancy

Mindfulness during pregnancy – and at any other time of your life – means living here and now and focusing on the present moment. This is especially worthwhile for expectant mothers, because almost every moment is connected with an exciting experience: your body and the baby in your belly are constantly changing, which you can observe anew every day. With mindfulness during pregnancy, you consciously perceive this development and build a close bond with your unborn child from the very beginning. At the same time, mindfulness during pregnancy helps you to become more aware of your own needs: which tasks are stressing you out? When do you need a break? Which foods do you digest particularly well now and what do you crave?

Time for yourself and your baby

Our first tip for mindfulness during pregnancy is to create conscious moments of calm for yourself each day. These can be fixed times, such as the morning or evening, which you associate with certain rituals. For example, after waking up, lie in bed for a while so that you can devote yourself completely to your baby, caress your belly and make contact with it. Involve your baby in your daily routine by telling him or her about the upcoming day and get yourself in the right frame of mind for what lies ahead. Alternatively, you can look back on your experiences in the evening or combine this exercise for more mindfulness in pregnancy with body care or a relaxing bath. You can also do it whenever you need a little time out. Listen to the signals of your body!


One way to understand those better and listen to your intuition is to meditate. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can be by yourself. Sit upright, relax your shoulders, place your hands gently on your belly, and breathe deeply in and out. Concentrate on your breathing. When other thoughts come up, simply return your attention to the air flowing in and out of your body – and the way your belly rises and falls as you inhale and exhale. A regular meditation practice helps you to draw lasting strength and relaxation from short moments like these and thus to remain calm even in stressful circumstances. Five to ten minutes a day is sometimes all it takes.


Mindfulness and pregnancy can also be wonderfully combined with movement, for example with yoga. This teaching, which originates in India, aims at a harmonious balance of body, mind, and soul, which is to be achieved with various physical exercises and movement sequences. For this reason, yoga is the ideal sport for mindfulness during pregnancy. Special courses for pregnancy yoga, which you can attend online or in nearby studios, are suitable for newcomers as well as for yoga enthusiasts.

Gratitude journal

Mindfulness and pregnancy can be linked in the form of a gratitude diary as well. Become aware of what a blessing the unborn child in your belly is and how it already enriches your life by focusing on the beautiful aspects of your pregnancy. In your gratitude journal, you can also record everyday experiences, such as an ultrasound examination at your gynaecologist’s office, a visit to an antenatal class or the fact that you feel particularly good in your body today.

Mindfulness in pregnancy and beyond

Mindfulness goes far beyond pregnancy: with the help of our tips for mindfulness during pregnancy, you can maintain this relaxed state of mind in the long term: from birth to the postpartum period to raising your child. We pursue a similarly sustainable idea with the angel caller jewelry from our angel caller online shop. Lucky charm necklaces in the form of special mama chains are designed to promote and strengthen the bond with your child from the very first second. After delivery, they are traditionally hung over the baby’s cot – and in this way accompany the shared journey of mum and child. This is especially thanks to the harmony ball of the necklace. Babies love the melodic tones of angel callers and other lucky charm necklaces, which they can already perceive from the 23rd week of pregnancy – and the gentle ringing of your harmony ball can also bring inner balance to yourself.