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About Us

The story behind Pick Your Angel, what moves us and inspires us every day.

PYA Angel Caller Jewelry

About Us

The story behind Pick Your Angel, what moves us and inspires us every day.

Founded in 2012

Angel caller jewelry from Pick Your Angel

Founded in 2012

Since our founding already more than 10 years ago, it is our vision to create noble, sustainable and timeless angel caller jewelry of the highest quality. Our focus is mainly on the design of new angel caller pendants, which in combination with the sound balls create our popular, harmonious looking angel caller necklaces. The popularity of our handmade angel caller jewelry was so great since our foundation until 2020, that since then we also offer our products internationally.

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Pick Your Angel: Our connection with Ibiza

unique & energetic

Pick Your Angel brings Ibiza very close to you – no matter where in the world you are, because all lucky charm necklaces from our angel caller online store carry the very special Spirit of Ibiza in them and thus in your everyday life. So that you can feel the spirit of this incomparable island in the Mediterranean Sea with angel caller jewelry from Pick Your Angel. Each of our angel caller necklaces and mama necklaces has a symbolic effect thanks to selected designs and motifs and also contains a piece of Ibiza and its very own magic.

The Pick Your Angel team lives and works in Ibiza – and has done so for years. It is our vision to find the mysticism of this island in our products, which still impresses and enchants us every new day.

Client Feedback

Customer testimonial

"I got my angel caller necklace as a gift from my boyfriend for our 7th anniversary. The necklace is therefore very special to me. The big heart with the rosé ball is super comfortable to wear and reassures me every time I have it around."

from Ibiza
Founded in 2012

Pick Your Angel - the energy of Ibiza in your jewelry

As unique as you

We at Pick Your Angel hold it like the French philosopher of the 16th century Nostradamus. He already attributed an energy to Ibiza, which he said was “the last refuge of the earth after the end of the world.”

This is exactly the concept that Pick Your Angel lives by in Ibiza, capturing the energy, harmony and unison of this island in our sound ball necklaces and lucky charm necklace pendants. Inside each Angel Caller from Pick Your Angel lives a little guardian angel that you can summon simply by wearing the necklace and listening to the gentle melodies of the sounding ball. Your personal angel accompanies and protects you. He shall bring you peace and serenity and assist you in the fulfillment of all your dreams.

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