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Angel Caller Necklace

Each motif is available in different colors!

Angel caller necklaces for protection and harmony

Angel caller necklaces with the Spirit of Ibiza

Angel caller necklaces are fashionable jewelry with history. They have been worn and used as protective amulets for thousands of years in various parts and cultures of the world. Angel caller necklaces go back to a legend that says that millions of years ago people lived on earth with your personal guardian angels. Each guardian angel was responsible for the safety and protection of a person. But one day the angels flew to another place, leaving only the people behind. Angel caller necklaces have since been said to restore contact with the angel by the wearer of the necklace shaking the small lucky charm necklace pendant. Inside this amulet is namely a sounding ball, which with each movement a melodic ringing can be heard. This in turn is to summon the angel to protect the person.

Compose your angel caller necklace individually

Angel caller necklaces consist of three parts: the lucky charm necklace, the sound ball and the protective amulet. From these elements, you can individually compose your own, personal chime ball necklace in our angel caller online store, which reflects your nature and meets your wishes. You can choose from different designs, colors and chain lengths, whereby each pendant and each color of the bead is assigned a special power. Some of the options open to you are love, creativity, independence, peace, hope, comfort and balance. Which qualities do you choose?

Angel caller necklaces for you and your loved ones

Angel caller necklaces from Pick Your Angel are classic angel caller jewelry that will accompany you throughout your life and remind you of the heavenly powers when you feel all weak and alone – both your necklace and the guardian angel you associate with it will always be with you when you need it! That’s why angel caller necklaces are also a magical gift for the heart people in your life, whom you also wish a higher power to the side.