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Each motif is available in different colors!

Compose angel caller sound ball necklace

Compose angel caller sound ball necklace

Angel caller sound ball necklaces enrich your life with their delicate tinkling and accompany you through every day. Whenever you hear their sweet sound, you can be sure that angels accompany your path and you are never alone. The soft sound above your heart or your belly leads you back to your body. With it, the angel caller sound ball necklace lets you live in harmony with yourself and the world – so you understand that you are the part of something big and even small balls make big waves.

According to legend, the individual character of an angel caller sound ball necklace is related to two factors: its sound as well as its color. Each sound is special and together with the angel caller lucky charm necklace pendant of your angel caller jewelry results in a unique sound that belongs only to you and your lucky charm necklace. Just like the sound is also the color of an angel caller sound ball necklace has a special meaning, because with each nuance are special properties and good wishes associated.

Angel caller sound ball necklace:
A sound with special effect

Angel caller sound ball necklaces enchant you with their melodic sound and bring beauty and harmony into your everyday life through their color scheme. With us you have the choice between six wonderful nuances. Decide on a color that suits your nature, your taste and your need that you want to satisfy with your angel caller sound ball necklace.

In the creation of the colors of our angel caller sounding balls we have been inspired by the incomparable Spirit of Ibiza, just like all our angel caller jewelry. We want you to feel as wild, free and alive as this breathtaking island in the Mediterranean Sea when you wear your angel caller sounding ball necklace. The turquoise bead reminds of the color of the sea and stands for clarity, freshness and openness, just like the salt water that roars on the beach. The red angel caller bead brings love and passion into your life and awakens Mediterranean joie de vivre in you. Are you looking for inspiration for a new step on untrodden ground, the angel caller ball in soothing rosé is the right one for you. Have you already ventured to new shores and strive for independence? In this case, we advise you to choose an angel caller sound ball necklace with a black ball. Also discover the angel caller beads in pure white for more clarity or the gray ball for stability and strength.

Angel caller sound ball chain for every occasion

The shiny angel caller ball is the heart of your sound ball necklace and is located inside your lucky charm necklace pendant. Depending on the color and design of the other elements of your angel caller jewelry, it makes you look sometimes bold, sometimes self-confident, sometimes creative and sometimes balanced. Bring with your angel caller sound ball necklace the effect in your life that you need!

Thus, the angel caller sound ball necklace can serve you during pregnancy to communicate with your baby, who feels the vibrations angel caller jewelry of your through your belly. So you strengthen the bond with your child from the first second of your life together and will be reminded by the sound of the angel caller ball even after the birth back to the special time in which you two were one.

All others, the angel caller sound ball necklace reminds us that there is always a personal guardian angel watching over us.