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Mama Chains

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Angel Caller Mama Chains

Angel Caller Mama Chains

Mommy necklaces are meaningful pieces of jewelry for the connection between mother and child. Since ancient times, angel caller mama chains have been worn by pregnant women in various cultures and parts of the world to seek protection for themselves and the unborn life. Thus the mama chains remind of angel caller chains and consist usually just like these of three elements: The chain, a lucky charm chain pendant and an angel caller sound ball inside it. The harmony ball of the chain makes also with angel caller mummy chains their completely special value. Through their delicate tones of the sounding ball, which this can be heard with every movement of its wearer, angel caller mama necklaces are considered the first means of communication between the expectant mother and her baby. In expert circles it is assumed that a fetus can already perceive this ringing from the 20th week of pregnancy and can still remember the melody of the angel caller mama chains after its birth.

Mommy Chains:
Individually for you and your baby

Angel caller mama chains from our angel caller online store have a length of 88 centimeters. This way you can wear them classically at the height of your navel and your angel caller jewelry nestles very close to your baby bump. Apart from that, there are numerous options open to you when designing angel caller mommy necklaces with us. Orient yourself in the creation of your personal taste, your individual character – and of course the new life that is growing inside you. How do you perceive your relationship? What qualities do you hope for in your angel caller mommy necklace? Do you already want to give your baby security and safety? Are you trying to lay the foundation for a harmonious relationship? Do you want protection for both of you? For each of these needs we have the right protection amulet for you.

Gift angel caller mommy necklaces

Angel caller mommy necklaces are a wonderful gift idea for pregnant favorite people in your life for example as a present at the baby shower of your sister, daughter or best friend. Personalize the angel caller mama chain individually according to the nature of the recipient and express with it your wishes for her and her baby. By the way: angel caller mommy necklaces are a lasting memento of the special time of pregnancy and are traditionally hung over the baby’s crib to soothe the child with the gentle sounds.