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Sacral chakra – where creation begins

The sacral chakra is commonly known as the sexual chakra. It represents lust for life and creativity. The sacral chakra is the second main chakra, located at the level of your hip bones, about a hand’s length below your belly button. Thus, especially with women, the sacral chakra is closely connected to the centre of the creative power and energy that lives in their uterus. Basically,  the sacral chakra is associated with the reproductive organs in general. Accordingly, the sacral chakra expresses a deep need to allow life energies to flow, to experience life itself and to tap into our own capacity to create and bring into being something very special.

The sacral chakra and its sensual meaning

Our sacral chakra holds great meaning in relation to sensual experiences. It represents our relationship to vitality and passion. This is a primal, sexual energy that supports you in all creative specifications and is not limited to the sex drive alone. In fact, sexuality is only one aspect of this dynamic life force energy. Thus the sacral chakra also has a meaning when you are in creative processes such as painting, crafting, cooking or gardening. In principle, the sacral chakra always has meaning when the transformation into something new takes place, because this is precisely where your motivation comes from.

Therefore, people with an open sacral chakra have an enthusiasm for all living beings and express this with their whole existence in the form of devotion, trust, openness and the full range of authentic emotions. They are a channel for the creative energy of life that flows through them, sense their needs and meet them with carefree confidence.

Sacral chakra: its meaning for mother and child

As the chakra of the reproductive organs, the sacral chakra has a special meaning for pregnant women, parents, and children. As an expectant mother, for example, you can find access to this centre of your femininity by wearing a mama chain from our Engelsrufer online shop. With its lenghts of 88 centimetres, this version of the angel caller jewelry sways in the direct surrounding of your baby belly and releases the gentle melody of the harmony ball of the necklace so that your baby can already hear it inside of you. Maybe you are looking for a gift idea for a baby shower? Or are you pregnant yourself and would like to spend this wonderful time in harmony with your chakras? Get the support of your personal guardian angel and choose an individual lucky charm necklace pendant for your angel chain for pregnancy.