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Strenghten the throat chakra

Strengthen the throat chakra to live and experience the highest truth of your soul. Your throat chakra represents open and clear communication. It is located on the spinal column at the level of your larynx and is considered the centre of soul truth, self-expression and authenticity. It helps you to express yourself to others, as well as to perceive your own inner voice of intuition. Therefore, strengthen the throat chakra and be honest with yourself and with others.

Strenghten the throat chakra with yoga and meditation

There are many ways to strengthen the throat chakra, some of which we would like to introduce to you so that you can go through life empowered and in harmony with yourself. One of the ways to strengthen the throat chakra is yoga. In this case, it is particularly about exercises that stimulate your throat as well as the shoulder and neck area. This includes the fish pose, for example. To do this pose, first lie on your back, close your legs and stretch them out in front of you. Then slide your arms under your back so that your palms rest on the floor under your bum and your elbows are close together. Inhale and raise your head and upper body. Look forward and rest your weight on your elbows and forearms. Exhale again and gently rest the back of the head or the crown of the head on the floor. Can you feel your throat chakra opening? Other positions that strenghten the throat chakra are the bridge, the camel, the locust, and the bow.

When meditating, the Ujjayi breath has a positive influence on your throat chakra. In this technique, you breathe in and out through the nose slowly and with a little pressure while the throat is slightly narrowed. The air flowing through produces a sound that may remind you of the ocean waves crashing on the shore. Anatomically, this process is similar to the principle of whispering or singing. Therefore, singing is a good option to strenghten the throat chakra, as well. Try chanting mantras and repeat the syllable “Ham” several times. Alternatively, you can do a mantra meditation thinking “Ham” while breathing deeply in and out and focusing on the area of your larynx.

Apart from these exercises, you can strengthen the throat chakra with scents or colours. Fragrances that appeal to the throat chakra include peppermint, sage, and eucalyptus. Put a few drops of essential oils in your palms, rub them in, and gently massage them into your shoulders and neck. Alternatively, you can put the oils in a diffuser and fill your home with their pleasant smell. The colour of the throat chakra is blue. Surround yourself with this colour in the form of blue clothing, blue healing stones, blue food, or blue décor. Nature also features blue in all its nuances. So go for a walk and let the blue of the sky, the plants, and the water around you have a deliberate effect on you.

Strenghten the throat chakra with angel callers

If you strenghten the throat chakra, you will experience your inner voice in a completely new way and also be able to communicate it to others. What better way to strenghten the throat chakra and spread your wonderful melody around the world than with the soft tingle of a lucky charm necklace pendant from our Angel Caller online shop? Choose an angel caller with a length of 45 centimetres. In this way, the harmony ball lies close to your throat chakra, from where it can best support the soul truth that is speaking through you.