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Each motif is available in different colors!

Create your own lucky charm necklace

Create your own lucky charm necklace

You can find lucky charm necklaces in our angel caller online store in different lengths and materials. Thus, the chain and lucky charm creates a very individual piece of jewelry that corresponds to your wishes and your personality to the outside.

Choose from one of three lengths and colors for our necklaces. You can get the lucky charm necklace in a length of 45, 60 or 88 centimeters as well as in genuine 925 sterling silver, 14k rose gold or 18k yellow gold alloy. Which combination makes your lucky charm necklace?

Chain: lucky charm on your neck

The chain is the medium of your lucky charm. With it, you carry it through your everyday life – and without you always noticing it, it also carries you: through hard times as well as through easy times. Where exactly you wear your lucky charm necklace is determined by its length.

The shortest of our lucky charm necklaces, at 45 centimeters, you wear close to your neck. In this way, it is designed to help you communicate openly and freely, always living out and expressing the highest truth of your soul. It reminds you to be vulnerable and strong at the same time, as long as you just listen to your innermost and be authentic.

At 60 centimeters, the sound ball of your necklace is above the center of your chest, resonating in tune with your heart. You are more of a head person, make decisions more out of reason than emotion and would like to change that? Make your heart heard with a lucky charm necklace that you wear over the source of your emotions.

A lucky charm necklace with a length of 88 centimeters is especially suitable if you want to create a mommy necklace. The lucky charm chain pendant in this case is located the height of your belly button and makes you feel your sensual femininity and creative power that rests in your belly.

Lucky charm necklaces, Angel caller necklaces and Mama chains

Make your lucky charm necklace complete by choosing the matching lucky charm necklace pendant and a singing ball in one of six wonderful shades. This will make your angel caller jewelry complete and allow it to have its full effect, unique to each person who wears it. Give a gift to a pregnant woman, evoke the memories of your own mother of your time together during pregnancy or make a friend or yourself a joy.