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Angel Caller Pendant

Each motif is available in different colors!

Angel caller pendants with the Spirit of Ibiza

Angel caller pendants with the Spirit of Ibiza

The lucky charm chain pendant is the protective amulet of your angel caller jewelry. It is a carved sphere, in which in turn rests the sounding ball of your angel caller necklace. In our angel caller online store you have the choice between five wonderful designs that combine the incomparable Spirit of Ibiza.

Besides the beauty and joy of life of the untamed island in the Mediterranean Sea, all angel caller pendants carry a very special power and effect. Each one of them brings you luck and invokes your personal guardian angel, who holds his hand protectively over you whenever you need him.

Angel caller pendant: As individual as you!

According to legend, an angel caller pendant is the medium through which you can contact the angels by shaking it and letting the enchanting sound of the lucky charm necklace ring out. You can do this for a variety of reasons, such as for more love, peace or protection in your life. Choose an angel caller pendant that meets your deepest need.

The Angel Caller is a playful heart that you can open to change the bead for an extra flexible style. It lets you live in the light of your guardian angel, who accompanies you every step of the way and is always by your side when you need strength, resilience, love, happiness and hope.

The Heart Soldier is another angel caller pendant in loving design of a heart, which is a source of hope and confidence in love matters. Draw new confidence or strengthen your love for yourself with this special lucky charm necklace pendant.

Literally detailed it becomes with the heart whisper luck charm, which is to give as an angel caller chain pendant security and inner strength. This amulet is suitable for you if you are looking for love, want to give wings to your heartbeat or want to keep the butterflies of your first kiss in your stomach forever.

For flower fans and nature enthusiasts, the protective flower in the shape of a tulip is the right angel caller pendant. It lets you live in harmony with your surroundings. With it, you will rediscover the beauty of the earth as soon as you wear it around your neck: Sniff the plants that cross your path, let the sun shine on your face and hear the rustle of the wind in the trees.

The angel caller pendant Source of Peace is literally a source of peace and with its timeless look the ideal home for your singing ball. It gives your soul comfort in difficult times and gives you balance and peace. With this lucky charm pendant you become one with yourself – and external influences simply bounce off you.

Angel caller pendant for angel caller
necklaces and mama chains

Angel caller pendants are an important part of angel caller necklaces and mama chains, which are composed of two additional elements with the singing ball as well as the chain. The resulting piece of jewelry is your individual creation. Our chains with lucky charms are a nice gift idea for pregnant women, for baby showers, for your own mother, for other favorites like your best friend – or for yourself!