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Self love: tips to love yourself

Strengthen your self love with our tips and get to know – and love – yourself this way. But what exactly is self love and what does it mean for your life? Self love is the key to inner balance, peace, happiness and serenity. With it, you can go through life calmly, be in balance with yourself and be less affected by stress and other challenges of everyday life. With more self love and our tips, you benefit both yourself and those around you. First of all, the people in your life perceive you differently: relaxed, fulfilled, strong. This makes you an inspiration for everyone you meet who then also feel called to self love tips. In addition, you can only really be there for your favourite people in the long run if you take care of yourself first and strengthen your self love with our tips.

Our tips for better self esteem

The first of our tips for better self esteem is, appropriately, about your relationship with yourself. It is the foundation on which you can gradually build. That’s why we recommend being your own best friend. When our loved ones have had a hard day or made a mistake, we are there for them with words of encouragement. Why not do the same for yourself?

This goes hand in hand with the next of our tips for better self esteem: encourage yourself with positive affirmations when worries, doubts or negative thoughts creep up on you. Ideally, you establish these new principles in your everyday life and remind yourself of them even when things are going well. In this way, you strengthen your faith in your positive affirmations and in turn give them greater trust even in moments of difficulty. For example, every morning right after you get up and just before you go to sleep, say to yourself a few times “I love myself and I accept myself just as I am”.

Another step towards more self love is gratitude. To make gratitude a routine for you, you can take some time every evening to look back on the past hours and become aware of the beautiful occurrences of that day. This can be small things like a delicious breakfast, a sunny walk during your lunch break or a date with your friends. Maybe you faced a difficult task, started or completed a project you are passionate about, got a new job or some other good news. Whatever it is: be grateful and proud of yourself.

Loving yourself also requires being aware of your strengths and weaknesses – in other words, knowing yourself. How convenient that we are with ourselves 24 hours a day. But do you use some of that time to really engage with yourself? We advise you to regularly take time for yourself. In that time, you can do things that are fun for you or that help you understand yourself better and identify your own needs. Mindfulness exercises such as heart chakra meditation or yoga can be useful.

With these tips for better self esteem, it will be easy for you to listen to your inner self in situations when you are not alone with yourself. If you still need some suggestions, we encourage you to always be honest with yourself and others, to be vulnerable and ask for help and accept it when you need it, and to not compare yourself to others.

Increase self love with tips, exercises and tools

You can easily achieve more self love with our tips and practices. But even on the days when you’re not doing so well, remember to do something good for yourself and not to be too hard on yourself, because self love is a process. Encourage it by being especially loving to yourself on difficult days and doing things that bring you joy – and reward yourself for the progress you have already made on your path. Angel caller jewelry in our Engelsrufer online shop is a wonderful choice for this in two senses: on the one hand, you can enjoy your beautiful lucky charm necklace, and on the other hand, the gentle tone of the harmony ball in your necklace can remind you of your mission to love yourself more with every sound. For example, make the heart-shaped lucky charm pendant of our Angel Caller a symbol of your self love.